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With a little Spring in your step!

Finally, Spring is here yep that’s right today is officiallythe first day of Spring! and with buds on the trees and lighter evenings andwarmer weather comes a new spirit of optimism, it’s the season of newbeginnings and a time for lots of growth. And of course traditionally a lot ofspring cleaning, sorting out, decluttering and making room for the new.

And here’s an Interesting fact, for all you non - astronomers, to trulycelebrate the arrival of Spring, tonight it’s a Full Moon and not only thatit’s a Supermoon (closer to the Earth) and the two occurring on the same day ispretty rare and hasn’t taken place since the 2000 and won’t happen again until2030! So that’s got to make today truly special!

So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing take a moment to enjoy today and set your goals and intentions for the next three months because Summer is right around the corner and there’s lots to be done!

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