Why email when you can talk?

We love emails as much asthe next person, they are great for communicating on the spot about, well, justabout anything and everything! Also, what’s really great is you get to tick offyour ‘to do’ list instantly without having to do more than type and press sendand wait for a response all while getting on with other business!

However, have youconsidered how much we lose through this transaction? Recently, there has beena lot of debate about why people are reluctant to pick up the phone andactually speak to people – technology has made it so easy to type not talk! Butwhat if you do pick up the phone and talk to people, what’s the worst thingthat can happen? That you have a difficult conversation that doesn’t go yourway?

Turn that around and let’sask ourselves what’s the best thing that can happen? A friendly conversationcan achieve remarkable things!

Emails might save time but what’sthe true cost? Remember… It’s good to talk!

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