When is a job Ad a good job Ad?

When it’s so good even the talent manager doesn’t know what he’s recruiting for!

Everybody knows looking for a job is afull-time job and if you’re in a job it’s much easier to get another job – oris it?

Reading through jobs ads these days I feel like most companies are recruiting for Rocket Scientists!

Steeped in Jargon and acronyms it’s becoming more and more like one needs a degree in forensic analysis too understand a growing percentage of job ads.

Ah, I hear you say, if you don’t understand the job then clearly it isn’t for you – I would agree with you normally, but these jobs seem to focus more on how often you won’t have to work and the list of benefits like free fruit – drinks on Fridays and plenty of social events! So how hard can they be? One thing for sure it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell….

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