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What not to do before an interview!

We always hear what to do before an interview and I understand that however, how often do you hear about what not to do before an interview?I will keep it brief as I could go on all day and I would like to hear your thoughts on the below.

  • If you have no idea who the interviewer will be… then be careful with who you abuse on the way to the interview!
  • Try and avoid parking in the CEO’s space and then giving them the middle finger as you get out of your car.
  • Don’t use terms of endearment with the receptionist.
  • Leave your hoodie and headphones at home…

Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment would like to hear what are your big no no’s?!#Zest2Rec #BigNoNos #RajNasta #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment

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