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What makes a sales person successful?

Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment has been in sales for nearly 30 years and has seen many different talents over this period.So, what makes a sales person successful?Is it doing shere volume and playing the numbers game?In doing this and going back to basics we all know that if you speak to enough people, then you will get a result…Statistics show that 55% of sales personnel are selling the wrong product therefore, they may not be successful in their current role however, may be a superstar with another company selling another product or service.So, I Raj Nasta, have listed some of the attributes that make a person florish in the right environment;

  1. Attitude
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. Empathy
  4. Taking ownership
  5. Self belief

If you are in the wrong role then contact Raj Nasta or one of the team to discuss your new career!Please feel free to add to my list as I would be interested to hear your thoughts….#zest2recruitment #selfbelief #success #pickupthephonegetyourselfknown #theydonotdialthemselves

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