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What makes a good manager?

Here at Zest 2 Recruitment, we have been recently contemplating what makes a good manager. We seem to have a few different trains of thought here which could reflect the way our Consultants respond to Management.It’s probably fair to say that most professionals will be aware of the ‘carrot or the stick’ meaning should managers dangle the carrot by offering incentives, rewards and positive praise/reinforcement or… do you get more from your team with the stick meaning to warn your staff about the repercussions and consequences should certain goals or targets not be met.In sales, a lot of managers tend to adopt both styles. Incentivising staff and boosting motivation whilst making it clear of the negative impact if agreed targets are not reached. However, from speaking to our candidates, this is not always the case and that got us talking.Our team here have shared stories about previous managers with some expressing that they have worked with managers who have been unsuccessful in the sales role they were doing, they were lazy and even held sales back for themselves! Luckily for us now, our MD Raj Nasta, tends to offer incentives and praise but always makes us aware of the expectations. A well-rounded leader… (pay-rise anyone?)So... we want to know what you think. In your opinion, what makes a good manager?#Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Sales #TheCarrotOrTheStick #GoodCop #BadCop #DontExpectFromOthersWhatYouCouldNotDo #RollUpYourSleeves #Management

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