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We’ve always done it this way…

At Zest 2 Recruitment, our Monday started well this morning with a fresh filtered coffee and the discussion about the way in which our candidates are sourced. Have times changed? Are we moving quickly enough with the current trends?“The most dangerous phrase in the language is… we’ve always done it this way.” – Grace Hopper.The above quote got us thinking. Our MD, Raj Nasta, is a forward-thinking leader and consistently encourages our team to embrace change and continually question the way we do things. We are always conscious that the agency recruitment process is ever-changing and has a vast amount of difference from how things are done now to how they were in the 80’s!Remember the Rolodex? Faxing CVs to clients?...Anyway, one of our main topics was Job Boards and the way in which we find our candidates. The Senior Consultants here have used numerous Job Boards over the years (many, many years) and most of which have been ‘market-leaders.’ However, over the last few months, we have noticed a rapid decline in the quantity and quality of the candidate applications we receive through the UK’s ‘#1 Job Site’ for example.Does this mean that the high calibre candidates are elsewhere these days? Are they likely to float their CVs on Job Boards or apply directly for a specific position? Or… has the way in which candidates seek new opportunities simply changed?We asked our consultants individually how they would rank the channels we use to attract fresh talent and the results are in…

  1. Referrals! Seems obvious but can be overlooked.
  2. Our own internal database which stands at around 25,000 candidates.
  3. Social Media
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Direct messages to our website.
  6. Headhunting (contacting candidates in a similar position from companies our client has expressed an interest in)
  7. CV Searching
  8. Applications to adverts on Job Boards

With this in mind we are keen to know other people’s thoughts on our tally, whether you are yourself a recruiter or have been a candidate seeking a new position at some point in your career. We feel quite confident with the idea that Job Searching is changing and renowned Job Boards may now be reaching their sell-by date.We continue to pride ourselves on sourcing the best talent for our clients (by whichever means) and placing our candidates into the best opportunities available to them. If there is anything we can assist you with then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01293 312 065.#Zest2Recruitment #JobBoards #LoveMondays #ChangeWithTheTimes #2017not2000

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