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Uphill Struggle!

Now that the Bank Holidays are behind us until Christmas Day (yes, we said the dreaded C word) we started thinking about the short week and whether your target should be reduced by 20% due to it being a 4-day week?Or perhaps we should be at work on a public holiday? As they say every day is a sales day!This got us thinking about annual leave in general and we wondered, are good sales people ever on holiday?Therefore, Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment would like to know how many of you out there will blame a short week for missing your August target?On the other hand, perhaps the Bank Holiday doesn’t affect you… if you’re good at planning your month, surely you will be working on September already!Which is it…Please like, comment and share our blog! We are waiting in anticipation to hear your opinions. As always, if you are a solid sales candidate looking to hear about possible opportunities then please do not hesitate to call one of the team for a confidential chat. Likewise, if you are a hiring manager seeking some advice, tips or assistance on your recruitment needs then please do contact us!#Zest2Rec #Recruitment #UphillStruggle #BankHoliday #August #Targets #NoExcuses

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