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Top Tips for a Flying Start!

The final working week before Christmas has got us thinking about a few tips we can share with you in order to get your 2019 off to a successful start!

  1. If you are fortunate enough to have some time to yourself over the holidays, be sure to use some of this to really think about what your goals are going to be and don’t forget to write them down! Supposedly, writing down your goals means you are more likely to achieve them!
  2. Before you leave the office and 2018 behind, make sure to have a clear out! Tidy desks equal tidy minds, or so they say. Either way, it won’t be pleasant to arrive back to work in a fresh year with a not so fresh desk! Wipe the dust away and throw away the old disposable coffee cups!
  3. Clear the to-do-list! This is an obvious tip however, it is an important one. None of us will enjoy leaving work and remembering over our Christmas dinner that we had forgotten to respond to that ever so important email! Anything that cannot be done until the New Year, add it to a 2019 fresh list!
  4. Stay connected over Christmas. Some people will already do this, and some won’t be able to think of anything worse! However, it only takes a few minutes to log onto your emails and make sure there isn’t anything too disastrous going on in the mail box or checking your professional networking site to make sure you are responding to all the invites to connect!

The list could go on and on, but we thought these are some simple yet effective tips that everyone can use. If your flying start requires something more such as a change of roles, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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