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Top Office Irritations!

Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment would like to know, what are the most irritating things you encounter in your office?I have suggested a potential 20 of which I’m sure you could add to, or just pick one?

  1. The dreaded keyboard sounds?
  2. Singing at your desk?
  3. The smell of cooked food?
  4. Clock watching?
  5. Finding yourself overly funny?
  6. Not being listened to?
  7. The use of mobile phones?
  8. Starting meaningless conversations?
  9. Having to be nice to people you hate?
  10. Bad odours?
  11. Load music?
  12. Talking excessively loud on the phone?
  13. The know it all’s?
  14. Constant mouse clicking?
  15. Huffing and puffing?
  16. Messy work stations?
  17. Not passing on messages?
  18. Making a bad cup of tea?
  19. Moaning about everything?
  20. Office gossips?

Please respond with your biggest gripe…

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