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Things are hotting up!

The topic today on everyone’s lips has got to be the UK being set for a heatwave! Things are hotting up by all accounts and we are due to see some of the warmest days so far this year with temperatures set to reach the 30’s.Every newspaper seems to have heatwave headlines and advice along the lines of staying indoors and avoiding the sun etc. So, although a controversial opinion, is being in the office the best place to be this week?Most businesses will have air-conditioning as well as cold beverages (we mean water!) on offer, and with warnings issued due to the heat, perhaps your client and prospects will swerve the summer holiday madness at beaches and such like in favour for the cool and calm office. You may find you are able to get hold of more clients as everyone is escaping the sunshine! At the very least, the weather is always a conversation starter… people either love it or hate it and everyone will have an opinion.So, we would like to know if you are going to be making the most of the heatwave by being present in the office or if you think that a few days off in the beer garden will help you to achieve those targets?#Zest2Recruitment #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #Heatwave #HotHotHot

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