The Small Print!

We live in a World whereby we have freedom of speech so I completely understand the fact that opinions can be made openly however, surely facts need to apply at some point?I happened to read a post yesterday about a Recruitment Agency failing to highlight their Terms and Conditions of Business to a client. This contract was signed by the business to indicate their agreement to the Recruitment Agency’s terms. This then led to an unhappy customer slating the agency…Should statements to this effect be allowed? When all the agency did was what had been written in the terms.Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment would like to know is this acceptable in your view? Would you stick to the contract agreed from the outset?I have heard ‘buyer’s remorse’ on numerous occasions, so who is at fault if anyone?Interested to hear your thoughts on this and what stance you would take…#termsofbusiness #zest2rec #buyerremorse #unhappycustomer

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