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The know it all’s!

We have all worked with sales professionals who ‘know it all’ haven’t we?If you are a good manager, there is a point where you need to act as if you know it all to?Although there is a difference between a ‘know it all’ and ‘you don’t know a thing at all?’Maybe the only difference is one is better at acting it out!How do you deal with this type of person, do you go head to head with them and hope you can use your dominating powers to gain control, or do you sit back, keep calm, do what you are best at and let them dig themselves a big hole and have nobody to fill it up when they fall in it…?Which in your opinion is the best option if any, as I’m not saying I’m a ‘know it all’ at all….#Zest2Rec #KnowItAll #RajNasta #KnowVeryLittle #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment

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