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The first 10 seconds of a call!

The first 10 seconds of a call!You have 10 seconds to catch a client’s attention! If you don’t catch a client’s attention, then you need to focus on this before you pick up the phone.What is most important things to focus on within this time?From a recruitment point of view, ‘I have a specialist within your market that you will like!’It is always better to go into the call with a reason why as a pose to just calling for a ‘catch up’ or to ‘touch base.’Here at Zest 2 Recruitment HQ, we have compiled a few tips that may help you in preparation for these calls…

  1. Know your prospectMake sure you know who you are asking for, their department if applicable and what they do.
  2. Establish what you want from the call - If you know what you want from the call, it will be easier for you to keep on track.
  3. Know your product/serviceEnsure you can ‘sell yourself’ if asked. A client will lose faith quickly if you don’t know the ins and outs yourself.
  4. SMILE WHEN YOU DIALThis is one we hear a lot of but it’s very true! It automatically changes your tonality and if you seem excited about the call, your prospect will be too.

The list could go on and on, but we want to throw it back at our audience and ask, what do you do that it is most important that captivates your client in the first 10 seconds of a call?#Zest2Recruitment #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #RajNasta #10Seconds #MakeEachCallCount

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