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The Death of Job Boards - Part Two

Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment has followed on from Zest 2 Recruitment’s previous blog, ‘THE DEATH OF JOB BOARDS IS NOW!’…I received an email yesterday from a large, well-known Job Board offering me one month’s free CV access! Amazing, right? All I had to do was sign up for the year at a 4-figure cost to get this ‘free’ month… REALLY?!Anyway, curiosity killed the cat and all that so I decided to assess what was on their database which transpired to my office wasting 4 hours of valuable time. I found nothing other than what I already had on my own database.I spoke to my Consultants and assumed they must be using the wrong search strings, so I put the Job Boards to the test myself. Guess what? I wasted a further 2 hours of my own time!My point and my advice to you is before choosing to subscribe to an online Job Board, make sure you have utilised your own database first. I can guarantee it will be time well spent at no cost.Of course, this experience links back to my original blog and for us, confirms that the death of Job Boards is NOW!#Zest2Rec #JobBoards #Recruitment #TheDeathofJobBoards #Zest2Recruitment #RajNasta #WasteNotWantNot #TimeIsMoney

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