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The Death of Job Boards!

Do Job Boards perform like they used to?How many times have you had an Account Manager say to you, ‘we have a massive TV campaign going out?’ or ‘we are ranked #1 in the UK?’ or ‘since you last used us things have changed?’Well, every time I have bought into this pitch and signed up for one year, it’s worked for the first few months, the account manager keeps in touch over that early period, then you hear nothing until renewal!The other gripe I have with this is; ‘if you pay for featured or premium adverts, you will get a better response?’ Surely standard job adverts should work! Or, is it who pays the most gets the best response?Over the past 100 days we have ditched job boards and now just use our own database and social media, which has proven to be far more effective from a cost and time point of view…So, I Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment ask, have Job Boards had their day so much to the point that this statement is being made? ‘THE DEATH OF JOB BOARDS IS NOW!’#zest2rec #thedeathofjobboards #recruitment #socialmedia #rajnasta #zest2recruitment

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