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The C Word…

Today marks the last Monday of Quarter 3 and although that could be a blog in itself, with 2018 going by so swiftly, it got us thinking about the dreaded ‘C’ word… Christmas!

There is now only 13 more Monday’s until Christmas. Yes, 13! How did that happen?

2019 will be gracing us with its presence sooner than we think so, we wanted to know from you, are you speeding up or slowing down?

It goes without saying that here at Zest 2 Rec HQ we are ramping up the pace and making provisions to ensure we end this year on a high however, not everyone feels the same! We have already heard the age-old excuses about things starting to ‘slow down’ with Christmas approaching and so on.

We want to know how many of you are excited to hear Christmas songs on the radio, drink hot chocolate in the office and not make those essential calls because… well… ‘it’s almost Christmas!’

Or, are you ignoring any hint of the festivities and putting the pedal to the metal to ensure the partying and indulging is all truly deserved?

We don’t take pleasure in sounding like the Grinch although, we do admit to ignoring Jesus’ birthday until absolutely necessary. Let’s face it, the best way to pretend Christmas isn’t happening is to stay in the office away from Supermarket displays of Quality Street and keep picking up the phone to avoid Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas on the radio!

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