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The Big Picture!

For all those Sales Professionals out there that have smashed their targets already with it being only half way through the month, is it time to start on October’s target? Or do you keep pushing until the last working day?On the flipside, all of you that are behind your target, do you keep plugging away? Or do you give up as you may miss your threshold for commissions and therefore, see it as a pointless exercise and think it is acceptable to throw the towel in?I have seen it so many times with Sales Executives that don’t look at the ‘bigger picture’. As you can imagine, this drives me nuts as they don’t think of anything but themselves.If you have a member of the team that does look beyond their own target this is invaluable! Personally, I think you should never give up in sales.What would you do if you were in this position as a Sales Consultant… ‘keep going’ or ‘throw the towel in’?#zest2rec #throwthetowelin #missedtargets #toolatetohit #rajnasta #recruitment

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