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Thanks, But No Thanks!

#MondayMotivation has got us thinking today about the power of saying thanks, but no thanks! This is a topic that often comes up when people get busy or just generally tired of listening to other people’s drivel!

Is it acceptable to tell people no… without an excuse or explanation?

We think it is and here’s why…

People can be draining! We all have or have had needy friends, colleagues and sometimes even family members. These ‘mood hoovers’ as we like to call them, often feel better once they have offloaded their misery and misfortune onto you. They pretend to be seeking advice although really, they are looking for a sponge to soak up their negativity which they hope will lighten their load. However, they forget that this only adds to your load and frantic lifestyle!

Let’s take pride and positivity from saying no!

‘No, I won’t call you later, so you can rant to me.’ ‘No, I won’t leave work early to be a shoulder for you to cry on when I am building an empire.’ ‘No, I don’t have enough energy for any pessimist that wants to take up space in my thoughts.’ ‘No, no, no!’

We want to know how many others out there have experienced the same and will therefore, be joining us on the train that is refusing to stop at any destinations that do not enrich our own lives…

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