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Technical minds

Would you say that most technical minds lack practicality?I have been looking at this in more detail having recently spoken to my IT department about our WIFI speed being slow and why this may be...The first question I asked was, ‘As the router is on the floor and behind a desk, surely this will influence the speed?’“Yes, it should be on the desk or on a wall” is the answer I got. So, we arranged for it to be hung on a wall and amazingly… it almost trebled in speed when I completed an Internet speed test!My IT department said of course it would increase the speed…Now, I class myself as a practical person, so if I were the Technical Team… I would have already done this and would not have needed to be asked.Therefore, does technical ability sometimes forfeit simple practicality? We would love to hear your thoughts…#Zest2Rec #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Technical #Practicality #HaveYouTriedTheObvious

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