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Summer holidays are nearly upon us!

With only a week left of this school year, the summer holidays will be here before we know it! Does this mean you may struggle to get hold of many of your clients? Will those with children be working reduced hours in order to spend some quality time with their families?This seems to be likely so, this week it will be extremely important to make contact and find out a few things…

  1. If your client is going to be out of the office, establish if they mean they’re going to the warm, sandy beaches of the Mediterranean or if they are working remotely from their home office. This will make a difference if you are calling/emailing them.
  2. Is there someone who takes over whilst your client is away? Often, a business partner or another manager will take over therefore, it is important for you to establish who that person is and make introductions before your client is away.
  3. Is there a need for your product/service given the time of year now? August and September can divide opinions in terms of whether these are ‘busy’ months. For example, you wouldn’t be pitching wellington boots over flip-flops in 28-degree heat! (No smart remarks needed here please.)
  4. Information sharing. Make sure notes are left on databases etc so that you do not run the risk of having colleagues call your prospect on their personal number 5 times a day when you know they are enjoying the great British summer time with their little ones and you have a call scheduled for a particular date/time.
  5. Create urgency!! Times like this are great for creating an urgency along with a fear of loss etc. If your client is going to be away for the next 6 weeks, then surely now is the time for them to commit to the deal?! They don’t want to deal with things leftover from July in September! Also, from a sales prospective, you need to make hay whilst the sun shines and not let these clients go cold! Time kills deals

The list could go on and on however, we believe these are some solid points to remember as some clients may begin to slow down this week. If you have any other points that in your experience, you believe to be as important if not more important then please do share your input with us!#Zest2Recruitment #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #SummerHolidays #SchoolsOutForTheSummer

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