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Something Old, Something New!

For all those well-rounded Sales Professionals out there… do you still do things like you did in the past?By saying this I don’t mean that if it isn’t broken then why try and fix it however, we have moved on in the last 10 - 20 years?Have you moved on with the digital markets and are you utilising what is right in front of you?It takes about 30 minutes a day to get a digital media presence out there, maybe a little longer to start with however, it gets easier and speedier as you go along!All this will do in the long term is grow your customer accounts, make closing those large deals easier and monetise you along the way…So, can you say whole heartedly that you are doing something New?#Zest2Rec #SometingOldSomethingNew #RajNasta #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment

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