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Sober for October!

#ThursdayThoughts has got us pondering on the idea of going sober for October, and what sort of benefits being alcohol-free will offer you.

We are aware that most people believe that their jobs or the industry they work in can be highly stressful however, we all know the rollercoaster of sales can be a ride that occasionally drives us to pick up a glass of pinot!

So, would reaching for a T without the G help us to be more productive and therefore, more successful?

Some of the main benefits featured on are as follows…

  1. Increased energy levels
  2. No more horrid hangovers
  3. Feeling generally healthier
  4. Clearer skin
  5. Healthier looking bank-balance

We would like to know your thoughts on whether you believe going sober for October is beneficial and will aid your work performance or if you think a swift half at lunchtime gives you the spring in your step you need to conquer the afternoon. Please share your views (and experiences!) with us via our website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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