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Should you be forced to be fully suited and booted in this heat?

With the heat hitting over 30 degrees and remaining the same for the rest of the week, should you stay in business attire or wear something more feasible for this weather.It is proven that you get more productivity from your staff if they are comfortable in the office, so why not make that change today by asking your employer to adapt with the times…. Or the ‘weather’ in this case?Even with air-conditioning when you walk to the shops at lunchtime you will realise business dress is a waste of time.Lots of our experienced consultants have worked for numerous agencies over the years and they have all had the same experience with dress codes being stuck in the past, with the typical matching two piece suit for men with a shirt and tie, and a matching dress and jacket with high heels for women. Is this really necessary I asked myself, Raj Nasta, over the weekend whilst sitting in shorts and a t-shirt in my garden. So I sent a message to my whole team late Sunday afternoon saying please come in shorts, t-shirts, basically whatever you want just be comfy. I know I have made the right decision seeing everyone smiling this morning when I arrived in the office.We would like to find out is my opinion the majority or minority?#whatareyouwearing #outwiththeold #hotunderthecollar #notcutfromthesamecloth #zest2recruitment

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