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We’ve all faced rejection at some point in our lives and although we would love to listen to everyone’s heart-break stories… this is about rejection at interview.Is it a bad thing?We speak to hundreds of candidates a week and more often than not, they have been for an interview at one point in their job search and have not been successful. We find that this normally splits the job seekers in two groups…The ones who get disheartened, disappointed and ultimately question themselves. They tend to stay at their current company and try to learn to live with the things that bother them or, they accept an offer with a company that was not their first choice and they are not excited about. They will be looking for a new role again soon.The other group of candidates are people that get a sense of hunger and determination from a rejection. They go on to better market themselves and become self-assured of their worth and value to a company. They continue their search with positivity and almost always land a role that they are more excited about than the original one! They tend to be successful and continue to grow within their careers and eventually look back and laugh at the rejection they once faced.So… did rejection make or break you? We want to know! Please like, share and comment and remember… as one door closes, another one opens!#Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Zest2Rec #RajNasta #Rejection #HeartbreakHotel #MakeOrBreak

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