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Recruiting the right member of staff can be stressful and time consuming. Plus, it could possibly make or break your business to some degree.Therefore, how do we make the right choice?1. First and foremost, do not rush to employ fresh staff under any circumstances. It can feel like time is of the essence however, rushing into a decision only backfires in the end.2. Are you certain the person you are employing has commitment to their career? Its not beneficial to employ someone who doesn’t really see your opportunity as the next step in their career but rather a means to an end of job searching!3. You must question the member of staff for their learning and analytical skills, are they willing to face new challenges and tackle them? If this is crunch time in your business and you are looking for someone to help push goals forward, then they must be prepared for challenges along the way!4. Is your new member staff the right cultural fit for your business? We all know of people could be toxic to your business as well as other members of staff. It isn’t always a bad thing to want to shake things up now and again however, one new member of staff who is yet to prove themselves is not always worth unsettling an entire team.5. As a business owner or hiring manager, what sort of hiring processes are in place when recruiting? You need to make sure that your processes are consistent and clear to ensure that all applicants have the same opportunity to showcase themselves. You could speak to someone over the phone who seems fantastic but upon meeting them, change your mind!6. Interact with new recruits in order to get to know them better, this is also key in business. Remember, it's not always about the work behind the desk. By treating them to an office day out for example, you get to see a side to people that may be masked in a working environment.So, calling all the business owners and hiring managers, how do you deal with new recruits? Share your tips and tricks with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.#Zest2Rec #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Recruiting #NewRecruits #Hire #Fire

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