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Rain, Rain Go away! Come Back Another Day…

Who else is as bored and fed-up as we are about the December weather? Pretty much every Christmas movie and Christmas card features magical snow! However, here we are with the drizzly, wet and grey days.We all know that in the UK, we are unlikely to see a ‘summer’ until at least July or August and even then, it could only be less than a couple of weeks of sunshine!If you feel you are not willing to wait that long to get some vital Vitamin D, then Zest 2 Recruitment suggest you contact us about some of our overseas opportunities…We work with established businesses who are looking to grow their teams in destinations such as the Mediterranean and the UAE. Packages not only offer a basic salary and unrivalled commissions, but also full relocation including paid accommodation.If you think this could be an opportunity worth exploring (pardon the pun!) then email us on [email protected] for more detail.#Zest2Recruitment #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #RajNasta #WorkAbroad #BrighterDays #VitaminD

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