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Power Hours

Monday morning has hit at Zest 2 Recruitment HQ and as normal, we sat down this morning with a hot coffee and a plan of attack for the day. As we got talking, we realised we were making a list of to do’s in no particular order. Tasks for the after 5pm countdown were at the top of the list and the most pressing tasks were 20 or more items down the paper. This got us thinking…We began to discuss whether it was productive to block out periods of the day for certain duties. Some of our Senior Consultants at Zest 2 Recruitment come from ‘boiler-room’ style sales floors where your days would be ruled by ‘power hours.’ This meant that most of your workload would be carried out in set periods of the day with breaks in between. Sales Executives were always told that this was the most productive way to do things and meant that it kept everyone focused on their work in between breaks.Although we are not quite as structured, we did all agree that there were certain times of the day that were more suited to certain tasks. For example, it is best for us to try and reach as many candidates as possible first thing in the morning, at lunchtime and at the end of the day for obvious reasons. We tend to save our paper-work or email sorting etc until the end of the day and of course, we book interviews throughout each day.After our reminiscing, we took a trip back to the way we used to do things and decided to give ourselves some blocks of times in which we were to aim to complete our to-do lists for that timeframe. Then we would have a break (for coffee of course!) and catch up before we got back in the zone and focused for the next 1-2 hours or so on the next set of goals. We must say… it seems to be proving quite efficient and productive so far.So… we put it out there… are ‘Power Hours’ a thing of the past? Or should we all adopt a more structured working schedule with the goal to increase focus, productivity and efficiency? As always, we eagerly await the opinions!#Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Blogs #PowerHours #WorkSmartNotHard

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