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Porky Pies

When you find out what appears on a CV is far from the truth what do you do from an agency point of view?This morning it has come to light that one of our Consultants here at Zest 2 Recruitment seems to have made a few ‘mistakes’ on their CV. These included pressing the wrong letter on the keyboard and changing a grade from a C to B along with failing to mention the more accurate dates of employment. Our MD, Raj Nasta, did some probing and undercovered the real reasons for leaving which is a whole other blog/story in itself!This is most definitely not the first time we have been suspicisous about candidates’ CVs or detected some white lies in their career history. So… we ask, should you just work with that candidate and help them through the process regardess? Or should we be saying “I’m sorry however, we cannot help you as you have completely elaberated from the facts so perhaps you could send us a more genuine account of your employments or good luck with your search”?At what point do you close the door and move on to the next candidate?We believe a Sales Professional’s CV should be tip-top! Of course, as with all sales, there is an element of making it sound better than it might actually be and that’s fine. Adding a bit of sugar on something is better than serving salt and pretending its sugar!What are your thoughts? Is anyone brave enough to share the white lies added on their CVs?Please like, share and comment on our blog. Happy Wednesday!#PorkyPies #CVs #Sales #Blogs #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #HumpDay #MidWeek #TellMeLies #TellMeSweetLittleLies

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