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Overthinking the sale!

What is the biggest thing in sales that stops you completing a deal?I appreciate that you want to get it right for your customer however, going into too much detail can have a detrimental effect I believe.It is, and will always be, a slight numbers game in my opinion. If you have the right volume of output, some good will come of it.By saying this I don’t mean ‘throw mud at the wall and see if it sticks!’ Although naturally, there is a little bit of this throughout the sales cycle.Overthinking and assuming you totally know what is right can slow down the process, so much so that it can make it come to a standstill.Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment would like to know if you agree or disagree…#Zest2Rec #OverThinking #Recruitment #MudAtTheWall #RajNasta #Zest2Recruitment

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