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Open All Year Round!

On your chilly commute into work, if you are listening closely, you will be able to hear the familiar tones of Jingle Bells and the new, heart-warming adverts from well-known department stores and supermarkets. Yep! You guessed it…

The festive season has more or less arrived.

We deal with a multitude of different businesses in different industries and sectors on a daily basis who all come in different shapes and sizes. Over the last couple of weeks, there was one particular topic which seemed to have huge variation amongst them all.

To shut up shop over Christmas or stay open all year round.

Most of our clients seem to be doing one of three things which are either staying open throughout the entire festive period (pretending it isn’t happening? Clever!), closing down by Christmas Eve and not returning until the New Year (a good way for everyone to have a break but this spurs the debate as to whether or not staff should use annual leave allowances for this, which is another blog for another day!) or… closing completely!

Surely, closing completely over Christmas is a thing of the past nowadays?

Most businesses are fortunate enough to be able to continue trading throughout December and into the New Year with minimal downtime so should this not be the answer?

We are keen to hear from everyone to know what your thoughts are on this subject! Please like, share and comment with your intentions this year and don’t forget to tell us why you choose to do what you do!

We look forward to hearing from you all and Merry Christmas! (Sorry… too soon?!)

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