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Money, money, money…. in a start-up world!

Thereare many difficult factors in running a real business your own real business butfar and away one of the most stressful aspect is the money. Quite honestly whenthe shine of the initial stages of funding wear off well quite simply there isoften never enough money!

Everysingle month you have to find rent for the office and wages to name the veryleast and for reasons beyond your wildest imagination there are always thoseclients who keep expecting you to do them a little favour here and there whichin reality translates to do it for free or at least before they’ve settledtheir current outstanding invoice which is already standing at somewherebetween 45 and 60 days overdue! I mean do you walk into your fav shop orgrocery store and pick up stuff flash the cashier a dazzling smile with a vaguepromise to get her the money within 30 days? no of course not.

Runningyour own business, literally there are times when you will throw your hands upin despair and it will seem like it makes no sense and don’t even get startedon the tax and vat man!

But you will succeed, just remember, don’t give up and don’tgive in! Do the time and the money will start to flow in!

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