Monday Morning Blues!

Are you ready for the week ahead?Have you come to work feeling positive and ready to make it happen?Or, are you moaning about the weekend being over and having to drag yourself into work?Stop moaning and just get on with it!It is a fact that if you have the right mindset your day will go quicker, you will be more productive whilst having fun along the way…There is always one person in the office that will complain about Monday mornings, constantly looking at the clock, making excuses about things not going right.It is time for you to tell them to just get on with, or if you want to be totally un pc, tell them to just ‘shut up!’Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment would like to hear from all of you this week about what you have said to ‘that person in the office?’#Zest2Rec #MondayMorningBlues #Recruitment #JustGetOnWithIt #Zest2Recruitment #RajNasta

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