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Subs Bench!

Managing your money for the month…How often as an employer do you get asked for subs part way through the month? It has happened to myself, Raj Nasta – Managing Director of Zest 2 Recruitment, on more occasions than I can count!So, I wanted to hear your thoughts… should an employee deem it acceptable to ask for help if they need it during the month? Or should they be encouraged to manage their finances a little better?Ok, I get the fact that certain times of the year we get unexpected bills sprung upon us however, surely this is about basic budgeting and leaving yourself some form of a buffer?If you say no to giving an advance in pay as a Business Manager or Company Owner, are you being unfair? Or is it the employee asking for an advance that is being unfair?I personally think that too many people live over and above their means and therefore, should simply cut back. If you don’t have the money, then don’t spend it! Of course, the other idea would be to smash targets and earn some serious commission.I would like to know your thoughts…#Zest2Rec #LiveWithinYourMeans #Recruitment #OnTheBreadline #Zest2Recruitment #RajNasta

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