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Making a Pistmas Show of Yourself!

As we are now heavily into the Christmas party month, it is time to keep your wits about you and have no regrets going back into work.We all know that the end of year blow-out is for that reason and that reason alone however, you do need to face your team again!So, don’t think about driving to the party in order to keep control as that will be perceived as boring, unless you are tea total.If you don’t care about making a fool of yourself then no issues. If you do then pace yourself and make sure you know how you are getting home… so you do actually get home and not end up in the wrong bed or on someone’s sofa, as you may regret ever going.The most important thing is to have fun!#Zest2Rec #PistmasParty #RajNasta #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment

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