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Loyalty over Royalty!

With this weekend seeing the famous Royal wedding celebrations, it got us thinking whether the importance of who you are has a difference in how you should be treated…Whether we agree with it or not, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are always more likely to have more coverage than John and Janet down the road.However, when it comes to clients, should we be star-struck by big name corporates and thus bend over backwards? Or should we ensure our teams treat these companies with the same service as our SME clients who have worked with us for years?In most industries, and in sales particularly, it is very easy to get caught up in winning the ultimate crown, but most decent sales professionals will recognise that the servicing your long-standing clients as if you have just won them, will lead to the consistent revenue needed to reach those higher goals.Therefore, we put it to you… should Loyalty over Royalty always reign?#LoyaltyOverRoyalty #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #Sales #RoyalWedding

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