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Larry The Liar

#TuesdayThoughts has got us pondering on the common misconception of Sales Professionals either embellishing the truth or outright lying to convince their prospects to seal the deal.

Bending the truth is usually a disastrous approach to take considering that it rules out firstly, any trust and rapport built between the company and client which is vital for continuing a growing business relationship and therefore, the opportunity of future deals. Once bitten, twice shy and all that!

Secondly, the sheer power of recommendations is not to be underestimated and telling porky pies to a prospect is pretty much giving yourself a guarantee that they are not going to recommend you, your service or your product to anyone else they know. An interesting analysis on this is that customers who have a bad experience are two to three times more likely to tell people and/or leave a negative review than customers who had a pleasant experience are.

Finally, this point, which links into both the above… Social Media. In our modern world, Social Media is a huge snake and ladder within a business. People nowadays do expect to be able to access company information, testimonials, contact details etc all via their preferred platform so it is important that businesses have these platforms published. However, bad news travels fast! It always has done but now it can reach speeds of 100MB per second if it is passed to the internet realm and shared through Social Media! When people are unhappy, they like to go into detail too so don’t be surprised if you are ‘named and shamed’ or branded Larry The Liar!

If you have worked with a Larry previously (or still are!) then we would love to know some of the most humorous, strange and utterly ridiculous fibs you may have heard them use when trying to close a deal! Please share with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. No naming and shaming will take place… promise!

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