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It’s too hot to work!

As normal with English weather, we have gone from rain, rain, rain, to almost 30 degrees today!And as always there will be members of your team moaning about the heat, probably the same people that have recently been moaning about the rain.So, really it is just the typical whingers that moan about absolutely everything, I’m sure you can agree? Unless you are one those people.We as business owners cannot control the weather, however we can take certain steps to make our staff comfortable in the workplace.If you are in a suited environment and don’t have the luxury of air-conditioning, let your team come in on these hot day in a more casual fashion, all this will do is increase productivity.Some of you may disagree and frankly I don’t care…#Zest2Rec #TooHotToWork #RajNasta #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment

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