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It’s Coming Home!

In keeping with tradition, it would be sacrilege for us to not dedicate today's blog to the England vs Columbia football match that was nail-biting to say the least!Against the odds, intensity and pressure… the England team dug deep and pulled in a victory at the very last moment by scoring the last phenomenal penalty. Is there something us sales professionals can learn from them?We think so.Much like an important football game, sales can also be a roller-coaster of highs and lows along with praise and criticism. Everyone likes to talk about the victories and the great moments such as the amazing save from Jordan Pickford or the pitch-perfect close from the top sales person!However, how many people consider the not so glamorous aspects? To be a winner or a key player in a winning team, it takes some tenacious traits which cannot be taught.You need to have determination… real determination! You must remain focused on the goal (perfectly placed pun!) and not allow yourself to start doubting the outcome because things are getting tricky. You must all stay on the same team and avoid getting caught up in blaming team-mates, nothing productive comes of it and it doesn’t produce results. Most importantly though… you have to dig deep and keep going! You never know how close you might be… perhaps only one penalty away from winning or one call away from closing the deal that makes history!So, in conclusion, there are lessons that can be learnt from the England squad (who’d have thought it!) but let’s not stray from what is truly important here… IT’S COMING HOME!#Zest2Rec #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Blogs #RecruitmentBlogs #ItsComingHome #Football #WorldCup #England #EnglandVsColumbia #Sales

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