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Is it now acceptable to bash Recruiters?

Here at Zest 2 Recruitment this morning… this topic certainly got us talking! If you have read our previous blog ‘We’ve always done it this way…’ then you would have seen that Linked In (amongst other social media sites) is now a go-to platform for our Senior Consultants when sourcing candidates.However, as we scroll through the ever-diversifying news feed, we have noticed more and more posts about Recruitment Consultants and for the most part, that are not always that pleasant! Why has this opinion become widely spread?In our eyes, we offer candidates the opportunity for a new role which matches their profile and almost always offers a good financial package. Ok… maybe not every candidate is looking for that particular salary bracket. Or maybe the role is too far away. Or perhaps they are simply not looking to work for a different company at present, and that’s all absolutely fine. But is it really that difficult to send a polite ‘thanks, but no thanks’ response or simply not reply. Surely this has to be a better way to let Recruiters know that you are not interested rather than writing an unpleasant status.We are interested to know why, when and how this opinion came about? There were many trains of thought in the office but we were still unable to pin point a defining moment or reason. Is this just the way things are now? Are candidates aware of the frustration that they sometimes bring to recruiters with the many excuses that have been floating around for what seems like forever?In no particular order…

  1. I can’t attend the interview because I was in hospital/poorly last night
  2. I have got a flat tyre/car has broken down
  3. I am stuck at work/in a meeting
  4. I have changed my mind about the interview (but didn’t think to notify us?)
  5. I have decided it is too far for me travel (15 minutes before the interview?)

Please feel free to remind us of any other common excuses we have may have missed and as always, if you do happen to be a candidate looking for a new opportunity or a client looking for staff then please do call us on 01293 312 065.#Recruitment #Zest2Rec #StopBashing #AllTryingToMakeALiving #NewOpportunities

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