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Is Business-Dress also Business-Minded?

So, Thursday afternoon is upon us again and we can hear Friday calling! Friday always seems to be a good day in the recruitment world, most clients and candidates that we speak to are in good spirits as are we and we also ‘dress down.’ Basically, this means that on a Friday we can wear (within reason!) what we would at the weekend. It goes without saying that we save the gold hot pants and red lipstick until at least 5:30pm…This got us thinking… is smart attire becoming a thing of the past? We have seen lots of posts recently on LinkedIn and other social-media sites about some workplaces now banning denim and we must admit, our chaps here at Zest 2 Recruitment do seem to be fans of denim! The smart jeans, shirt and blazer and polished shoes combination has seemed to have become a winner over the last few years in many workplaces.We then thought about the other extreme which is the Wall Street style attire of a full 3-piece suit and matching tie and pocket square. Do either of these outfit choices have an impact on productivity and/or business acumen?We are interested to hear what others think about dress codes in the workplace and whether or not business-dressed is also business-minded. Let’s not forget that huge companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook all have ‘casual’ dress codes. We wonder if our MD, Raj Nasta, would allow us to leave our skateboards and trainers at the door?...#Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment #Blogs #BusinessDressed #BusinessMinded #SuitsYouSir #OfficeSlippers

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