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How to close an interview or not as the case maybe?

Do we now live in a World whereby we are too polite and are afraid of asking for things, particularly our own jobs? Having worked in recruitment for the past 17 years in a variety of sectors it is so important to ask the interviewer for feedback as to how the interview went. This will at least will give the applicant a chance to overcome any reservations the employer may have.So, I ask which close works for you:

  1. Thank you for your time today I look forward to hearing from you soon…
  2. It was nice meeting you today I may see you in the future…
  3. Thanks for meeting me today I am very interested in this opportunity…
  4. What time would you like me in on Monday 9 or 9.30am?
  5. Can I meet the team I will be working with?
  6. When can I expect a contract to be issued as I have other offers to turn down?
  7. I look forward to working with your company, when can I start?

Well, I could go on all day however the simple fact of the matter is if you can’t close your own interview you may as well just close the door on your way out!Which one works for you and feel free to add to my very small list… Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment.#closethedooronyourwayout #closinginterviews #zest2recruitment #igotthejob #newcareer

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