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How Flexible Are You?

Now, we don’t mean physically! Although, if anyone is tremendously flexible and wants to share their weird and wonderful moves with us all then please feel free…

We are talking about whilst you are Job Searching.

Everyone knows that things change rapidly, even on an average working day in an office. Sometimes, vital team members are off sick unexpectedly. Sometimes, the sales team are having an immense day and the deals are flocking in putting more pressure on support staff and managers. Sometimes, mis-communication (shock, horror!) has meant that the team leader is double booked.

Therefore, when things change such as interview times/days… is it up to us to be more flexible?

If you are looking for a new role and have been presented with an opportunity that ticks all the boxes then surely, only being available to meet with a manager at 1pm on the third Thursday of each month isn’t very accommodating!

We aren’t suggesting that you should always be free and of course, some candidates are still employed however, it doesn’t take much to become more flexible.

For example, booking a couple of days annual leave would allow you the time you need to see as many prospective employers as possible along with starting late or finishing early one day (everyone has dentist check-ups now and again, right?)

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