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Have you unlocked your potential?

In sales, most of the top performers we speak to believe they have unlocked their ultimate potential. They have reached the top of their current team. They are earning the most. They are looking for their next challenge.When this happens, many candidates seek to find their ultimate potential in other areas such as management or training. They strive to then perfect the skill of unlocking other peoples’ potential.So… this lead us to ask… do you ever unlock your full potential? Or do you simply climb a ladder onto a ledge which will present you with another ladder?How many people do you know that could honestly say they have reached the ceiling and have no possible way of going any further?Zest 2 Recruitment want to know your thoughts! Please like, share and comment.#Zest2Recruitment #Zest2Rec #Recruitment #RajNasta #UnlockYourPotential

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