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Have modern day candidates become accustomed to being spoon-fed throughout the recruitment process?

Or not as the case may be. This particular subject has led to many a discussion amongst our consultants here at Zest 2 Recruitment, over the last few weeks we have seen both ends of the spectrum and we thought we would take to time to see what our followers thoughts were. Two occasions spring to mind immediately and are as follows.The first situation arose with a particular candidate being offered an opportunity abroad which included a healthy remuneration package and assistance with relocation. The process went smoothly from start to finish and resulted in an offer to the candidate after extensive due diligence with Zest 2 Recruitment, a first stage interview and a final stage interview. The candidate was under the impression that such a role would involve a lengthy recruitment process and therefore, decided to take some more time to think about the position and the offer. After much correspondence, the candidate decided that the role was not for them and named the speedy process as one of their ‘concerns.’The situation that then became the polar opposite only a couple of weeks later was what got us talking! A candidate approached Zest 2 Recruitment after seeing one of our thought provoking adverts. They decided that an opportunity abroad with relocation and amazing earning potential was too good to be missed and so they decided to seize the chance of a real career. They were contacted by Zest 2 Recruitment at 8:30am to discuss their background and complete our standard registration as well as talking about the particular role and their hopes/ambitions for the future. After a speedy first and second stage interview, they had an offer on the table from a very prestigious company by 11:30am the same day with a view to starting the following day! The candidate was elated with this and went on to send us a lengthy email thanking us for our time. They said “You have been excellent in assisting me to find my perfect job!” They also went on to say “To have an interview in the morning and an offer by the same afternoon is exceptional.”So, our discussions following this has resulted in many mixed reviews. Some being that modern-day candidates are now used to being spoon-fed and guided which makes them less likely to be able to make their own decisions in a timely manner. Some, on the other hand, being that the right candidates and the candidates who will ultimately go on to be successful are able to make snappier decisions and are more confident in their own ability at interview.We are intrigued to hear other people’s thoughts!

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