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Hanging on the telephone….

Do you jump everytime your landline rings and struggle to find the phone, after all who usestheir landline?

Who remembers payphones? You know those tell-tale rectangular red boxes which were the mostcommon in a pre-digital age, which were once positioned frequently acrosscities and towns and even local neighbourhoods for your calling convenience andnow stand in some scrap yard decommissioned and forgotten!

How quickly they havebecome a thing of the past and if UK providers move with the times, landlinephones will soon join pay phones in the technology graveyard.

Also, when was thelast time you memorised anyone’s telephone numbers? It's probably been a while,maybe even years! As more and more people look up names in their contacts noteven focusing on the numbers!

Phoneusage hasn’t just changed how domestic calls are made, even businesses haveditched their wires for more economical options, using WiFi and VoIP (voice over Internet protocol).

It’snot just a case of people saving money, it’s far simpler than that, love it orloathe it, we’ve all embraced the new communication technologies and will continueto do so with every software and hardware upgrade!

So,despite more options than ever to ‘keep in touch,’ the downside is we actuallytalk less! Who knows… perhaps one day we won’t need to talk at all, and what asad day that will be.

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