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Half Way Point…

Today marks pretty much halfway through October, time really does flies when you’re having fun!

How many of you take 5 minutes at this stage to sit down and review where you are against your sales targets? Or, even your personal goals that you may have set yourself for the month?

Most top performers tend to check their performance against targets daily however, this still tends to be something that, surprisingly, not a lot of sales professionals do.

It is imperative in this game to not let the days, weeks and month run away with you. When you are caught up in the sometimes long hours and the buzz of a busy office, it is easy to assume you are where you need to be and that your targets will meet themselves.

However, we have a duty to ourselves to check where we are currently, where we want to be and how we are going to get there!

We want to know how many of you already do this and which top tips you can share?

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