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Go Hard or Go Home…

As we approach the last working day of the week… we want to know whether you have the mindset of ‘Go Hard’ or ‘Go Home.’

Do we see Friday as an important day of the week? Unless you officially work weekends, then Friday is the last opportunity to get everything completed and drive in any last-minute deals before prospects go cold over the weekend. Notoriously, Friday can be a great day to sell as people tend to be in good spirits and more willing to spend a few minutes chatting to you.

However, many professionals see Friday as a clock-watching day. They are there in body but not in spirit and they are hoping to make it through to an early finish with little effort whilst hoping they aren’t being noticed!

Which one are you?

We all love an early finish incentive and the elongated chats over the coffee machine about weekend plans however, we believe Friday should still be a productive day.

Let’s leave the week on a high! This ensures we all feel deserving of a brilliant weekend and a hard-earned rest but, most importantly, it guarantees the positive feeling carries over to Monday and we all know what a good Monday equals… a good week!

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