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Get on the phone it’s Friday!

How many of you well rounded sales professionals out there think that Friday afternoon is one of the best times to call a new prospect?Or, would you say it’s Monday as all new prospects are refreshed from a great weekend.Should it make a difference when you call a client?Is it about just catching them at the right time?Some benefits about calling a prospect on a Friday afternoon are:

  1. The client may have had a liquid lunch so in a good mood
  2. It is nearly the weekend so feeling upbeat
  3. Weekly targets have been smashed so has a free moment
  4. A good talking point about plans for the weekend
  5. Nobody else has bothered to call so you are in poll position

I Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment have smashed targets on a Friday on a number of occassions, when is the best time of the week for you to make that call?#zest2recruitment #getonthephone #fridayfeeling #zest2rec

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