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Friday the 13th - The Fear of Loss!

Does the fear of loss make you lose a sale?Or, does the ‘I don’t care attitude’ make you lose the sale?If you are worried about losing a sale, then you may have already lost it before you start.Equally with the ‘I don’t care attitude’ you may come across so arrogant it has the same effect.So, what is the right way to think?Clients will see right through you, if there is any inclination that you are worried about not closing the deal.It is about showing them ‘what they can gain’ by using your product or service, with a little care and empathy.Raj Nasta of Zest 2 Recruitment would like to know what you think about ‘The Fear of Loss!’#Zest2Rec #TheFearofLoss #RajNasta #JobBoard #Zest2Recruitment #Recruitment

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